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  •   Global Service Phone  
    (86-917) 3871601
    Baoji TianYu Rare Metal Company is located in China’s largest rare and refractory metal processing base - Baoji of Shaanxi province. Our company mainly takes rare and refractory metal materials and deep processing of products as the leading product, and it is a high-tech enterprises specialized in the production, processing and.......<more>
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      Single Crystal Furnace series Molybdenum heat shield,  Molybdenum wire,  Molybdenum seed chuck,  Molybdenum hook,  Molybdenum draft tube  
      Sapphire Furnace series Molybdenum heat shield,  Molybdenum side screen,  Molybdenum furnace cover ,  Molybdenum furnace mouth,
    Molybdenum crucible ,  Molybdenum sheet ,  Molybdenum plate,  Molybdenum pillar,  Molybdenum tube,
    Tungsten wire mesh heat generator
      Vacuum Furnace series Vacuum furnace liner ,  Vacuum furnace heating chamber,  Molybdenum heat shields,  Molybdenum plate,
    Molybdenum sheet
      Molybdenum Materials and Processing Molybdenum plate,  Molybdenum belt,  Molybdenum foil,  Molybdenum rod,  Molybdenum wire,  Molybdenum tube,
    Molybdenum sputtering target,  Molybdenum flange,  Molybdenum standard parts and non-standard parts,
    Other molybdenum processing
      Molybdenum Crucible series Welding molybdenum crucible,  Turning molybdenum crucible,  Spinning molybdenum crucible,  Molybdenum crucible lid  
      Molybdenum Boat series Sandblasting molybdenum boat,  Welding molybdenum boat,  Riveting molybdenum boat  
      Tungsten Materials and Processing Tungsten plate,  Tungsten wire ,  Tungsten rod ,  Tungsten crucible,  Tungsten boat,  Tungsten heat shield,
    Tungsten wire mesh heat generator,  Tungsten standard parts and non-standard parts,  Other tungsten processing

    Tel: (86-917)3871601,  3871602

    Fax:(86-917)3871600,  3871603

    Mailbox: bjty@bjtyjs.com

    Address:No.21 Baotai Rd., Weibin

    District,Baoji City,Shaanxi



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    Tel: (86-917) 3871601     Fax:(86-917) 3871600     Add:No.21 Baotai Rd., Weibin District,Baoji City,Shaanxi Province,China